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Sometimes it was serious and cold, sometimes it was light, jokey and fun, but we would gladly realign our perspectives with new information and tackle controversial and heated topics. So at least you have more data to work with. March 11, at 5: Vancouver has a large presence of international students populated in the city centre.

They all came to enroll in English language schools. Obviously, these are the kids of wealthy families back in their respective Latin American countries. All the patrinchas, the fresas, rich Colombianas. They need their freedom, independence, career, and male attention.

Its sad to see. Sad to see them at their sexual prime gone to waste.

Obviously, there are exceptions. Though they usually have their man back home or came with their fiances. Its sad to see how deeply Western dating culture has penetrated South American and European societies particularly the rich. March 12, at 8: August 20, at Insecure people NEVER give you the benefit of the doubt and make their decisions on incomplete facts. I just had a busy day at work.

Insecurity is a serious character flaw, so she was really doing me a favor, but there are a lot of people like that.

Flirting vs. formally discussing sexual topics

March 12, at 9: March 12, at March 16, at 7: In other words, why would you want to marry? IMO people marry for any of these 3 reasons:. Puritanism and social pressure like the USA 2. Fear of ending up alone 3. But the question is, when would you ever find a woman like that in the USA? How could you even get dates so easily?

America's dating scene: By the numbers

Plus the beauty of Czech and Slavic girls is ethereal. March 20, at 3: March 20, at 7: Come to me, say you will And like a storm I can help you feel You must believe you hold the key Come to me, say you will. March 22, at 5: I agree with above poster about American girls being insecure. They are not comfortable with who they are as people from my experiences at least. If you ask them a question as to why they like or dislike something, they will usually give you a very superficial answer. If you compare a 23 year old college grad in America versus 23 year old from Asia or Eastern Europe, the conversation with the Asian or Eastern European woman would likely be deeper in scope and much more honest.

They would be able to explain the way they think and the way they feel about themselves honestly. An American girl likely would not be able to do that out of fear of being judged. I may be stereotyping, but I think in general, this has been my experiences. Just keep asking why why why and you will definitely notice a difference in thought patterns. American women kind of suck in comparison….

March 24, at 2: The problem in America is very simple: It is a dictatorship of moral relativity and political identity movements where there are no absolutes, not even of gender. If you have likes and dislikes, especially if you are white and male, you are racist, homophobic, sexist, and all sorts of other undesirable things. Liberals preach tolerance, but practice intolerance. Any thoughts which do not agree with their politically correct view of the universe must be censored and repressed.

American women have ALL the choices now, thanks to the feminist identity movement. It used to be that men were expected to make the first move, which was the only advantage we ever had. One could approach a woman one did not know but wished to meet with a smile and a friendly hello, and proceed to flirting if the woman was interested. But to do so now is seen as sexual harassment, or, worse, stalking. So now we go on-line where there are 10, men for every woman on most dating sites.

I quit playing this game years ago. Fortunately for us western men there remains the foreign option, as Maverick continues to point out with his helpful and informative posts. But even that is problematic, as the long arm of the American government in its never-ending quest for money continues to hound American taxpayers wherever they might choose to live, even if they never set foot in the country again. April 12, at 9: But are they really friends? Are our friendships just as cheap and disposable as our romatic relationships? Its about the way our culture is damaging our general ability to form relationships with other people regardless of gende.

And if so, then I am just as much to blame as anyone else. For example, no more flaking. If I get invited to something, I show. Also I listen more. This is a lot more than just letting other people talk. It means giving a shit about who other people are. PS In one post there are at least 3 people from Van. We should find a way to get together sometime.

January 11, at 2: May 12, at 3: The whole of western society has moved to the Left, and that is how our culture has damaged our ability to form relationships with other people. Maverick has explained this many times in various posts. There is another blog which goes into much greater detail on this subject: February 11, at As a Colombian man living in the United States, it is quite challenging to meet and date women who are so hell bent on being more like men and lamenting over what their role should be.

Sexuality polarity is almost non existent here. When I asked her to be my girlfriend.


April 24, at 2: Within her heart is a cry for sex and even more importantly respect from a male hero. This means even the burly farm girls feel like refreshing, joyful personalities due to the feminine energy they shine. They know their role is to bear children with the help of a loyal man and admit they are scared, no terrified, of being disrespected and played by a non-loyal one. They actually care about the opinion of the man, rather than her friends. This is true feminine energy unclouded by social media one upmanship.

American women are more like cold mannequins who only decide to become semi-human for men that are worthy according to a list made by Hollywood and friends. Even when they are objectively pretty on the exterior they close off their feminine energy, particularly when it comes to the child-bearing variety. As they delay the pretenses of child-bearing they become fascinated with and terrified of any inclination towards casual sex since, much to her chagrin, that becomes her main purpose in the eyes of men. Most American females ascribe to the script that their actual desire should be to acquire the attentions of the most popular males around her with as little sex as possible.

This is the implied social script that girls in America adopt that lends to the extreme behaviors and weird contrasts of prudishness and promiscuity in the same girl. The girl is allowed to be promiscuous with certain guys so long as he looks good and has a good family background and is of the right race, all other males are trash to be given the prude treatment as needed.

American girls see themselves as providers of sex and acquirers of status but only from casual sex offers from males who pass her looks threshold. All other males should be extinguished in this status driven psychopathy. Instead of thinking of their role as bearing children they believe their main role is gaining status, which obviously could go on forever. Because of this the American girl is careful never to give herself fully to any one person since a better man may be just around the corner.

Russian women for instance have an eagle eye out for any hint that their man may be cheating on her. So they revere attractive men as gods and unattractive men as vermin. Narcissism was originally a male trait based on the knowledge of superiority its female form is vanity but when females adopt it they inhabit male characteristics of only focusing on looks and puffing themselves up at every turn. Call it the picky prostitute syndrome. Some females will even take their love of attractive men and hatred of unattractive men to extreme symbolic levels. These are the females who brag about using unattractive men for free restaurant meals while demonizing their physical attributes but also dramatize their guilt of sleeping with handsome males for free.

It is a perverse form of self congratulation. The American princess uses social media to finally reflect on her deeds as if to mine the Internet for some recognition of accomplishment, as if her entire goal was to be a recognized as a gatekeeper of sex, a filter of class, and a model of genetic superiority. But a double take of her actions seen from a purely behavioral standpoint makes her no better than a pornstar paid in free meals.

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This is why American men find dating so stiff, unfriendly and punishing. Women deliberately put a chill on the conversation as they consider themselves, as casual sex providers, the most important quantity in the room and want to dictate terms from the start. May 4, at 6: May 30, at Those girls can see he attention they get. Also, women get a lot of their social and self esteem based needs met from social media. Is there any logical reason why an overweight 6 has followers on instagram?? I cant tell you how many times Im in a conversation with a girl ignoring me while shes uploading selfies.

Five years ago I stopped dating white women. I realize now it was like dating a competitor. Sex was a gift for good behavior. And in 27 years, a white woman never told me I was handsome. Complements from a white woman were like reluctant, backhanded half insults.

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I dont need to be showered with praise, but when I dated a latina from Mexico for the first time, I felt like a real man. Now I live in San Diego and only approach latin or asian girls. Always a better experience. May 31, at 5: October 30, at 8: About 15 years ago, when I was in my early thirties, I was living in Boulder CO, a city of mostly young financially successful people with lots of social life.

There are more men there than women and the women are extremely picky. They want a hot guy who is rich and will bend over backwards for them. In addition to the shortage of women, quite a few of them were lesbians. Lesbians in Boulder dress, look and act like supermodels. They are sarcastic, condescending and rude when men approach them. Trying to date there made me miserable, so I just stopped. It is only for the thickest skinned men. There were about ten people there drinking beer and hanging out. The women were in the kitchen and the men were on the patio. I was feeling somewhat depressed that night about the dating situation for some reason.

There was this one woman who seemed very noticeably different than the rest. She had facial expressions I had never seen before. She had an air of confidence that was so amazing to me. She was not a beautiful woman, but she seemed extremely sexy to me for some reason. There was some kind of genuine quality about her that seemed so natural and not superficial at all. It is perceived as non-masculine and weak. But I still wanted to know if any of them had noticed it too. So I just brought it up, thinking one of them might ridicule me for saying it.

Americans are sexually repressed. This is the worst place in the world to date.

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  4. Just how bad is the North American dating scene? : asktrp!
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  6. Women here have no respect for men at all. If you want to meet a woman worth dating you need to get out of the US. You need to get out of this country. I met her in Brazil. There are women like that all over the world, quite a few in Brazil. That guy changed my life because he made feel confident about being single. I have not made any effort to date any white American women since then. They are a waste of time. While I lived in Boulder, I was a regular at a local pub where I knew most of the employees.

    There was this one girl there who was pretty strange. One night, two friends and I had just finished dinner and a few beers when all of a sudden it felt like I was moving. The room moved as if I had the spins or something. I realized it was my chair that was moving. That was the last day she ever worked there. Those are the kinds of women you meet in Boulder CO. I remember another interesting comment I overheard in Boulder one day as I was walking down the street. The first white culture in North America was Puritanism. It started about years ago.

    Puritan culture still dominates modern American culture and it is probably the reason why people feel inhibited to discuss anything other than boring talk show topics. The kind of automatic flirting discussed in this article is forbidden in Puritan cultures. Puritans have deep conversations about mundane topics in order to obscure the fact that they are trying to flirt. The article also mentioned capitalism.

    When people are immersed in a society where everything has a dollar value and everything is a possession, do you think those attitudes affect the ways men and women think of each other? American personalities are tuned to work well in work places. The US is a culture of business, not a culture of romance.

    ofamnatimm.tk April 27, at 6: I praise you for telling your story. Listen to your friend. Save some money, plan a trip, and get on a plane flying overseas. I have done it three times. I have met amazing foreign women who are beautiful inside and out…hard to definitely find in United States. September 6, at 2: Invasive inquiry will only put your date on defense, never a good idea. December 5, at 1: I was born in a former Soviet Union and had opportunity to enjoy real freedom in life, choices, and sex. Men and women were equal in celebrating their unique nature and differences with complete understanding that we are complimentary to each other, not equal!

    Is it that hard to grasp? It comes naturally when priorities and heads are in a right place. That Berlin Wall was precisely for this: I am well aware that for Americans such statements sounds less little of absurd since they have been brain washed for decades believe in an evil state of soviets and free democratic USA, LOL. Dating and human relationships in general are basic reflectors of self-actualization on a spiritual level.

    I totally agree, there is no cell reception here: As the author correctly mentioned, there is no way out of it without complete change of mentality. Oh, never mind, you have got new match on Tinder! February 19, at Could there be a social class distinction as well? Maverick, you and Roosh have a very good understanding of American culture but an idealized understanding of foreign cultures, because by going to foreign cultures you are a hot commodity there and the women react differently to you than to what you they would if you guys would be locals, you get a status bump.

    April 18, at 6: If you post and cause trouble there, it will follow you back here. Just how bad is the North American dating scene? I live in China and have a good go of it here. It's been a half a dozen years since I was in the game in Toronto. Is it really that bad? I mean if you groom yourself, confident, stay in shape and pretty social it's not hard to get laid. Especially in a bigger city. Relationships are more difficult because women really can't be trusted.

    How is the dating scene in Las Vegas?

    The North American dating scene has been decimated ever since the white man showed up in a boat and took my corn. Otherwise girls won't touch you because they think they're too good for you. For some reason TO girls seem to be very entitled, especially if they grew up in the city. Depends entirely on the city, Toronto and San Francisco are some of the worst in the country. I would say that Austin and Chicago are among the best, not enough experience in NYC to really talk about it.

    There're good girls out there who don't sleep around and want a serious relationship. I think red pillers unintentionally go for sluts. I believe if the guy doesn't have the mindset of committing, it's hard to connect with a girl who wants the same. I see couples who've been in long term relationship and got married. Not a lot, but definitely out there. I understand the risk of committing. But if the girl is worth it and up to your standards, I'd give it a shot. Also, she must not have a single Western party slut friend. It only takes one party slut to deteriorate a whole group. Guid ance , maybe.

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